Christina Mead

Christina Mead

Catholic Author & Certified Health Coach


Hi, I’m Christina!

And I’m so honored and excited that you’re here.

You are the reason I keep writing. Because I want you to know the things I wish someone had told me. I want to share with you what I have learned and am still learning about living a whole, full, healthy life in all areas: mind, body, and soul.

So thanks for being here, and for allowing me to share my heart and my life with you. My prayer is that as I share my thoughts you will come to see that I care deeply about you, no matter if we’ve met, we’ve written, or we don’t know each other. I am and always will be praying for you. 


I Am Not a Potter

I think my biggest mistake in my spirituality has been to think my holiness is up to me. This fault especially comes out around big liturgical times like Advent when I think the readiness of my heart depends on how many “things” I do, and how many devotions I can check off the list (and post on instagram), and having the right candles and journals and prayers.

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