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  1. Oh yay! You totally got this! You are beautiful and awesome and easily one of my favorite people on our planet!!!! Thank you for your post!!!!!!!!

    I had a realization when I was in my early 20s that I was taking my body for granted. If I suddenly woke up without the use of one or all of my limbs I would have regretted not living my life to the fullest and filling using this body got had given me. I was so grateful for such a healthy mind set. That at that point it really didn’t matter what size of jeans I fit into but that I was doing my best to be fully human…a healthy human not taking this body, complete of functioning parts, for granted ❤️

    You are right… you are beautiful just the way you are! And at the end of the day all all of us can do is our very best!

    1. Candyce — thank you so much! You’re one of my absolute favorite people too! Dan and I really want to hang out with your family! This realization that I want so desperately to feel fully alive has been such a great motivator, it’s addictive really. I know that the more alive I feel, the more glory my life can give to God, and that is just so exciting. 🙂 <3 -- Christina

  2. Christina! I’m loving your blog! I’m trying to lose some weight too and it’s so hard!! You are encouraging me!

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