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What if it wasn’t for vanity?

What if getting healthy was less about how your butt looks in jeans?

What if it wasn’t about chasing the elusive and impossible standard of bodily perfection?

What if it was less about you and more about others?

What if you decided to finally lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose because you’re tired of not showing up in your world as your best, most energetic, vibrant self?

What if… you wanted to get healthy in order to serve people better?

And every squat strengthened your legs to run up and down the stairs to move laundry.

And every pushup was to hold your child longer, or help someone else hold theirs. To lend a helping hand and not tire as quickly.

And every plank strengthened your core and back so you can pick up the clothes off the floor, and carry someone else’s groceries.

And every jog gave you the endorphins to be more pleasant, to smile more at strangers, to joke with your loved ones instead of taking life so seriously.

What if your whole reason why you were motivated to get healthy was so that you could make the absolute best of this one life you have on earth?

What if this was the key to help you stay motivated?

What if you needed to take the focus off you and your own desires for a hot second, and simply focus on your purpose here on earth? Focus on the bigger picture of your life and the people you get the gift of loving on every day. Focus on creating a life of health, a life full of good choices because you want to be the best version of you. And you know that version isn’t the one having sugar crashes, and sleepy afternoon dessert-induced-naps.

It’s the version of you that is living your biggest, best life possible — fueled by small, daily choices for good things.

Is it bad to want to be comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt? No! You are also allowed to enjoy being able to buy whatever clothes you want, not just the limited-style-plus-sizes. That’s a real burden that will be lifted. Getting healthy and feeling more confident in your body is a real thing, and it is okay. But maybe, just maybe… it not the most powerful motivator. Maybe you need to expand your mind and think of it a different way.

It never hurts to try.

I’m praying for you.


You Are Enough

Don’t ever forget that okay? You are beautiful and precious and deserve good things — and I can’t tell you that enough! Look I even dedicated a side-bar-box-thing to it. God has a plan and a purpose for your life and He died and rose again because He wants to spend forever with you! Okay, read on. Important reminder over.

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“The glory of God is man fully alive.” St. Irenaeus

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